Vision, Mission & Objectives:



Vision :
The vision is to provide access to the quality of education to keep pace with the changes taking place in the field of knowledge.

Mission :
To empower socially, economically, educationally weaker students into the main stream and there by contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.

Objectives :
• To provide good learning experience through interactive and innovative teaching and learning process to meet the overall development of the students to face the global challenges.

• Our objective is to provide quality education to rural children that empower the students to have a sound career, competent to urban students and to inculcate cultured personality.

• To strive to develop this college into a dynamic campus that lays a strong foundation to knowledge along with healthy socio-cultural values that will enable the students to become good citizens with a commendable global outlook.

• To make education as a powerful mode to promote the backward students.

• To provide adequate infrastructure and to create academic environment for qualitative teaching, learning and enabling to acquire competing skills.

• To encourage faculty members and students to pursue academic excellence.


Value-added programs are courses or activities that are designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and employability of students beyond their regular curriculum.
Placement Cell Details
Available Combinations : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (CBZ) Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science (PMCs) Languages : Kannada, English, Hindi, Urdu
We proudly announce IIIrd Rank Holder of Davangere University from DRM Science College “Sri Nikitha R Maladakar”
One Day International Seminar on “Transdisciplinary Strategies towards Bioprospecting And Conservation of Medicinal Plants” Date: 04-April-2024




Davanagere, situated in the heart of Karnataka, is a fast growing city. It is the nerve centre of trade and commerce, the heart throb and the abode of large hearted donors. The credit of putting Davanagere on the National and International map goes to Bapuji Educational Association. B.E.A. came into existence in the year 1958 and now it has become a house hold name in Karnataka, pursuing excellence in the field of education, thanks to the vision, farsightedness and large heartedness of its Hon. Secretary, popular Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa. As many as 47 educational institutions from primary to post graduate courses are nursed and nurtured by the association. All these institutions have been rendering memorable service to the society and the nation as a whole. The evolution of Bapuji Educational Association has led to the significant growth of Davanagere. The Association has taken every care, at every step to facilitate the smooth growing of all its family members.




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